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What Makes Surgical Retractors An Important Tool?

“Open your book, read it and highlight the important points”. 

We all have come across these sentences in our lifetime. But have you ever thought about the purpose behind it? Why is thorough study and research important?Well, apart from acing the exams it helps us in developing clear concepts. It increases our exposure and helps us in better understanding. Thus, clarity and exposure are important in every field of life. They all need it whether it’s the field of medicine, engineering, or education. 

Well, let’s narrow down this discussion.

If we talk about surgical procedures, it’s all about precision and accuracy. There is no room for blunders and negligence. The medical staff is quite vigilant when it comes to handling the surgical instruments. So either it’s about making an incision or holding it the expert handling of instruments is vital.

So can you name the tool used for holding the wound open during the surgical procedure?
Correct! It’s none other than the  surgical Retractor. So, if you want to learn more about these tools so stay tuned to this blog.

Role Of Retractor Surgical Instruments

Do you know how a surgical procedure goes about?

Alright, the first step is to make an incision. In traditional surgery, the incision is quite large. But the invasive surgery consists of smaller incisions. The next most important thing is to hold back the incision or the wound during the procedure.

Thus, at this point, the retractors serve their purpose. They hold back the incision edges and provide a clear surgical area to the surgeons. And it provides greater accessibility and exposure to the other organs as well. Hence, it increases the efficiency and efficacy of the operation.

Types Of Retractors

During the operation following two types of retractors are used:

•    Handheld retractors
•    Self-retaining retractors

No doubt both types of retractors ease the surgical procedure. The handheld retractors need the support of an assistant during the procedure. Whereas the self-retaining retractors allow hands-free operation. They have a locking mechanism for holding back the objects. It consists of blades, screws, and a ratchet to have a strong grip on the surgical area. Thus, it helps the surgeon to perform smooth and hassle-free surgery with their two hands.

What a relief!

Depending upon the different surgical procedures a variety of retractors are available. So, in the next section let’s take a look at a few of them.

Commonly Used Retractors

Following is the list of commonly used retractors during the surgical procedure:

•    Beckman retractor
•    Balfour retractor
•    Flexible neck rake retractor
•    Roux retractor
•    Lagenbeck retractors
•    Hibbs retractor
•    Fritsch abdominal retractor


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